Smoky Amethyst Pendulum

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A truly stunning marriage between the Crown Chakra Stone of Spiritual Energies: AMETHYST and one of the most Grounding, Clearing, Cleansing, Protective Minerals on the planet: SMOKY QUARTZ

It is like taking the highest form of LIGHT and pairing it with the strongest, deepest, most powerful gifts we gather from the Fertile DARK. These forces together bring BALANCE. With balance, we enhance our compassion, open-mindedness and broadened perspectives. 

The ideas of "Right" and "Wrong" dissipate and we see the 3D from a more Expansive Eagle Eye View. 

When these two join forces, beautiful inclusions, phantoms, striations, codes and symbols form inside them that are ready to be interpreted by YOU. 

We are THRILLED to offer a small handful of these Limited Edition Smoky Quartz Magics


These are NOT completely perfectly "smooth" Crystals, as they are 100% natural. In the process of cutting/shaping the stones, it is very hard to make them "perfect." They have not fallen and been chipped or cracked, they are just natural with natural oddities. :)

Because this is SUCH A SPECIAL STONE, we paired these with 22k gold plated POUND fists and Sterling Silver POUND fists vs. brass/gold and base metal silver. 

For metal care, please select POUND CARE GUIDE from the drop down menu.

Sterling Silver can be polished. Gold plated items can be gently wiped with a polishing cloth.