Heart of Gold Pendulum

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The Inca Culture believes that in the chakra/energy system, the fire of the Sun burns through the Heart rather than the Solar Plexus like in the more well known Chakra System we often use which originated in India. 

We love this take on the energy system because various perspectives open our minds and our hearts. It feels true that our hearts can catch on fire, and through that ignition they become golden like the solar plexus, like the Sun. 

This piece was inspired by Becca's Solar Return on May 28 when we located these Golden Healer Pendulums that of course all have totally unique magic to them. Each is different, but each has an incredible glow of golden light emanating from it. 

We paired them with electric Burmese rubies, which are powerful heart expanders and regal queens that choreograph whatever influence they have from a place of profound love.

These crystals hold their golden hue from iron streaked across the inside of the quartz, building strength and vitality. They help us call on our higher selves to heal from within so we can lend our insights and learnings to those around us, making it a circle of benefit for all. 

Energy of the Sun

Courageous Heart like a Lion/ness

Fuchsia Pink Love and Fairy Light

A Heart of Gold