Golden Healer Pendulum

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Crystal of Golden Light, Golden Healers are composed of crystal quartz with iron oxide held within them, giving them their luminescent hue and ability to pour light through the Crown Chakra into the energetic body. This allows for the life-force of the Universe and the self (you) to connect on a higher level so that fears surrounding "being yourself" may dissipate. 

Iron is a very GROUNDING mineral, pulling us into our Root and Sacral Chakras so that we can connect to a sense of safety while we let our true passions flow out from within us to the world. 

Known as a "Master Healer" (like Clear Quartz), Golden Healers are amazing crystals for humans who are here to help others move through their healing. 

Materials: Golden Healer Pendulum (each one is unique!), POUND fist and brass/gold or silver chain

Length: 28"

This piece is adjustable