Dreamer / Builder 4

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Lodolite Crystals are Dream Stones. They hold worlds all their own inside. Each one as unique as a human soul. They have spirit and landscapes inside them, like all crystals do. In the Lodolite stones, you can peer into the essence like through a looking glass. They transport to different realms. The help us dream, and then take the dream and build into it. Brick by brick. 

This is a Stone that speaks rather loudly. It has been used since ancient times to assist in un-locking doors to the subconscious that have been closed for a very long time.

A special curation of Lodolite Dreamers we found in Tucson and have been waiting for the right moment to create with them. 

This one is paired with bright green-eyed shining opal


Made on silver

Length: 28"