Scolecite Third Eye Pendulum

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Unblocking Stone

Scolecite crystallizes in slender prismatic crystal filaments and these striations can be seen in the dense white tone of its structure. It helps us tap into ancient wisdom and Akashic Records (like a filing cabinet of the universe.) It is known to be a powerful crystal to assist in communication with the world of spirit and other dimensions. Scolecite is a powerful tool to dismantle the "blocks" that are impeding us from actualizing the reality we desire for our highest good.

An INCREDIBLE stone to meditate with when needing serenity during tumultuous times. Working with this stone feels like a clearing of the mind, body and soul:::A recalibration. 

Paired with our vintage enamel Evil Eye, a symbol of Protection, Intuition, and Inner Guidance.

Length: 28"