Sacred Feminine on Silver

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Kazakhstan Turquoise is one of the more rare and one of the most vibrant specimens of turquoise found in the world. Each and every single piece is unique in color, shape, size, and form. The colorful part of the stone is the inside of the stone, and all of them are more of a natural gray and turquoise on the back, or outside. They form like geodes in this way, with the spectacular beauty on the inside. Though the outer portion is also total magic. 

Turquoise is the Stone of Truth, in that it opens the throat chakra to assist us in speaking from the wholeness of who we are. This stone is one of the oldest stones known to us, and has been used in sacred ritual and calling on the Gods and Goddesses of the Sky for thousands of powerful years. 

We were able to collect a couple of handfuls of these pieces of incredible natural beauty this year in Denver. Ready to share with you and made as simply as possible with delicate chain to allow the stone to stand on its own. The stone itself is all the necklace really needs, because the stone IS the necklace. 

Chains are delicate, please handle with care. natural turquoise can also CHANGE COLOR in the water or if left all day in the Sun! We recommend removing during swim/shower/outdoor physical activity!) 

sterling silver, length: 17-19"


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