Aqua Herkimer Diamond Necklace

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Aquamarine for the Aquarian Age. Water Bearer. Star energy of the Tarot. Flow to change. Wash the inner tides of debris clean off the slate. Clear the mind to make way for new habits and behaviors you now align with. 

Paired with Herkimer Life Force Diamond. A clear conduit of energy to flow in and out of and to magnify your intentional breaths. 

Limited edition

Handle with care: not a piece to swim, workout, shower, sleep or dance like a maniac in <3 

One on gold and one on silver!

Each herkimer diamond is completely unique and will not look exactly like the ones in the picture necessarily. Each Herkimer diamond becomes detached from it's host rock once it comes to the surface and ALL of them have indentations and markings where they have come detached. It is not broken or chipped, it is part of the natural beauty of the Herkimer.  

Length: 18-20"