Solar Eclipse Sacred Smudge Sticks

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Eclipses bring transformational CHANGE. This year these eclipses are bringing change to areas of the astrological cosmic field that do not really like to change. Being that the North Node of the Moon is in Taurus and the South Node of the Moon is in Scorpio (which is where the eclipses take place), the change that is occurring lands in signs that are FIXED. Think of Taurus, the Bull: obstinate, stubborn, un-moving. 

Mia of team POUND envisioned, channeled, and curated lovely loving Sage bundles wrapped with dried flowers and cleansing crystals to help clear out the remaining energies that are ready to go before we can alchemize and watch blossom that which is springing forth. 

As old energy clears out, we come into crystalline clarity of what is ready to come through. 

Use these as altar adornments and / or cleansing tools to assist you in making space for the power you are stepping into now. 

Trust me, these are magical. Watch what synchronicities arrive when you use these beautiful offerings as tools and as part of your daily or weekly or monthly ritual.

Each smudge stick is one of a kind!