Seven Sisters Gold Talisman: Pleiades

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In the ancient Egypt Seven Goddesses, represented by seven cows or the seven sisters, composed the celestial group that provides deep nourishment in community. This symbol of the seven sisters is observed in the sky as a group of stars, the Pleiades, close to Aldebaran, the main star in the Taurus constellation.

As highly visible heliacal stars, the Pleiades were among the most important celestial body, after the moon.The Pleiades heliacal rising has been widely recognized in Austral regions, as the beginning of the new-year and then of agricultural season.

Here we have a 22k gold plated amulet of the Seven Sisters, a reminder that anything we attempt to do alone would be more loving, fun, and in service to the world when done Together

On 14k gold fill chain

Length: 17-19"