Rhodochrosite Rivers

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Alluring. Captivating Rhodochrosite with her raspberry-pink to rose-red color, transmitting intense and courageous and immense loving frequencies. You feel it in this stone's presence.

This is the Stone of the Compassionate Heart. It asks us to first soothe ourselves and our nervous system so that the love and empathy and compassion we give to others is pure. 

These slices of Rhodochrosite are epic pieces of the natural stone that have not been cut into different shapes, they are raw slices of the large hunk of Rhodochrosite. We were able to get Three of them.

Paired with Obsidian Hexagons and mini Pearls. Stones to open the psychic channels and have been used as mirrors since ancient times, written into the records of the gods and goddesses. 

Length: 17-19" 

Your choice of metal <3