Mini Peach Mother of Pearl Skull Threaders

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Threader earrings as talismans for honoring our Ancestors. Remembering to look inward and honor that bones that hold our bodies up. A piece for breaking traumatic ancestral ties that bind us to the past that is ready to be released. And a reminder that what has a beginning also has an end. And a re-birth.

Live. Live. Live this life. 

Potent. Graceful. And Strong. 

We could not love these little soul guardians more.

These magical little hand carved pearl skulls are peach toned and paired with watery Aquamarine crystals on 14k gold fill threaders.

This particular piece is made on 14k gold fill snake chain

Length of Chain = 2"

These hang approx. 2.5" from earlobe. 

Lightweight and comfortable!