These Pieces are Portals of Transformation, designed for support during this season of radical change and immense growth.

Twice a year, we experience 2-3 solar and lunar eclipses that usher in changes in our lives -- sometimes sudden, sometimes dramatic. This year, we experienced the first in April and May, and now we're moving into our second from October 25 - November 8.

These eclipses are on the Taurus (values, resources, nourishment, the body) and Scorpio (death, re-birth, transformation, alchemy, primordial self, the unconscious.)

Notice the themes present in your life and how they may relate to this particular eclipse season. Ask yourself as you browse the collection: What is being let go? What are you calling in? What stones call to you as ritual and honoring talismans to help you move through this time with sacred reverence.

During eclipse seasons, it's recommended that you take more time to tap in and listen to your inner voice. What is calling to you? What new beginnings are here, even if they feel a bit raw and uncertain right now? What is your body asking for in order to feel fed and nourished?

Explore these stones as pathways to tap into this wisdom more easily and to embrace the places of the unknown in your life right now. To soften into the mysteries and love them (and yourself) a little bit more.