Ascension Threaders

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Rose Quartz is a Heart Opener and stone of unconditional love. Alexandrite emanates an emerald green tone, another color that resonates with the Heart Chakra. Designed as a piece to bring us back to the center of the self where we Ascend beyond illusion into the powerful electromagnetic filed of the heart, this necklace serves as a prismatic talisman to expand our capacity to Love on all levels. Beyond the mind, tap into the rhythm of your heart beating. Feel your love life force come to life. See the beauty that is always surrounding you. Dare to love in every moment. 

Very special hand picked and limited in quantity, these faceted Rose Quartz Crystals are like mini mesmerizing portals, reflecting us back to ourselves in the light of a pale shade of pink.


Materials: Faceted Rose Quartz, mini Alexandrite, gold-fill or sterling silver threaders

Length: total length of threader = 4.5". Hangs at about 3" from earlobe