As we approach the Spring Equinox and the Astrological New Year, in the Northern Hemisphere we will be blessed with the bounty of beauty rising from beneath the soil for our senses to inhale through the entire body, mind and spirit. It has germinated and gathered strength for long enough.

Cracking through the surface from underworld-pushing up through the crevices that hold old dirt ready to be washed away, Gemstones remind us of our own Journeys.

May our Dreams planted like Seeds from long ago or during this past winter begin to rise to the surface for us to leap into with great momentum.

With lush greens and light pale pinks; sweet violets and swirls of teal blue. Stones that resemble the solar energies wrapped like labyrinths inside the cocoon bursting into the butterfly; the Crystals that are ready for you show up when you are ready for them.