POUND Leather Life-Force Bracelet

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We bring you the strength and resilience of leather. Made more beautiful overtime with wear for all it is able to endure. Paired with hand carved mini POUND fists in either vermeil gold or sterling silver and a tiny Herkimer diamond dangle: all representative of alchemy, life-force and endurance to keep on keeping on. 
We have wanted to create a braided leather bracelet for a long time. Now is the time. Powerfully empowering. 
Materials: Antique brown OR black leather (will fade over time, especially if worn in shower, bath, ocean, etc.--so be mindful of their life-span!) with vermeil or sterling fists and herkimer diamond.

Currently made at 7" total length. Shoot us an email if you need a different size until we are able to add multiple sizes to the site!