Herkimer Life Force Crystals

Herkimer Quartz Crystals are the "Diamonds" of the Quartz World and they are having a moment. It makes sense, this Moment of theirs. They are the "Life-Force Crystals," and currently, the Forces of Life are swirling up all around us. Blooms are blooming, rains are falling and colors are brightening. (In St. Louis, Missouri they are at least!)

Crystals have seasons like the Earth does. I initially became aware of the fact that the Herkimers were in high-speed momentum when I intuitively felt called to start wearing mine for the first time in forever. Within a day I noticed Mom and Mia wearing theirs more often too. Maybe a day or two after that, we received a bunch of Herkimer Life-Force orders from our website. Over the last two weeks, the DMs about these stones have been coming in hot.

Everything is cyclical, and these Crystals are totally in their Ascent.

Some Herkimer Crystal Info:

These lovely little Magics are perfect conduits of Life-Force energy. They emanate incredibly pure bright light. They act as mirrors, reminding us of our own natural radiance. And whatever we set intention to, the Herkimer Crystal MAGNIFIES IT.

They are double terminated, which means they have a point on the top and the bottom, allowing them to transmit their own energies while also receiving spiritual energies from us.

They help bring Clarity, Circulation and High Vibes all around. Herkimers have the ability to Attune to us and clear out the debris that is clogging our ability to move forward and act on our desires.

And all you really have to do is look at them to see their Brilliance. They ARE their very own sparkling vortex.

Just in time for Gemini season, we had the honor of uncovering a couple handfuls of "Twin" Herkimer Diamonds, (pictured above!) which occurs when two separate crystals share some of the same crystal lattice structure in a symmetrical manner. Also called "Companion Crystals" and sometimes called "Mother and Baby Crystals."

I see them as a symbol of unity whenever I feel lonely or alone. I am a Gemini and so I love the "twin" aspect. I let them remind me that I am never separate from my creative self or my ability to see magic in the world.

The "Twins" are now listed online under Necklaces. Super Limited Edition for the moment but as per usual, we are on the hunt for more!

Our other Life-Force creations are also available and more on the way from the Gem Show that are being drilled with love so that we can make them wearable very soon. :)

The Force is Always with you, keep shining sweet Gems.
All our love,
the POUND girls.